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News & Views_April 2019 update - Brexit / GMDN code


The Brexitxitxit ExExExtension – The never-ending Brexit story!

News: On Wednesday late at night, another Brexit extension was “given”!  The “final date” is now October 31. However, this is a flexible date, with the option for the UK to leave the EU at any time whenever the UK is ready to sign the deal. The Brexit will then be formally executed on the 1st of the following month. If the UK indeed needs this time, they must take part in the European election. Should this not happen, then the UK must leave on June 1, again under the condition of a hard Brexit.

Views: It seems to be a good solution for the UK to get back to the drawing board and to rethink what the UK really wants.

Everything is possible, but we now believe that the UK will stay with the EU. The EU 27 have shown a lot of patience, and how much more can you make the statement of love to please stay in the EU with leaving it totally in the hand of the UK.  It is time for the UK to understand that Europe needs the UK, and the UK needs Europe. Since the UK Parliament is unable to compromise on any solution on the table and is not able to provide any additional option, it is time to let the people of the UK decide again. This time, the Parliament should make the outcome mandatory. Most certainly if then the people want to leave the EU it should be done that way.  

The European election may be a good indication of what the UK people indeed want. Most likely the Brexiters (the ones who do not have a problem with leaving the EU without a deal) may try to sabotage that.  
More to come …

Basic GMDN membership for free

In our last News & Views sent to you on April 1, we informed you about the CND code having been selected by the European Union here. On the very same day, GMDN announced to provide the Basic GMDN membership free of charge (GMDN News here). These are good news. “The new free Basic membership will allow users access to the GMDN data, while the existing membership charges will remain for manufacturers needing the time-saving and value-added services provided by the GMDN Agency.”

Our question what will happen to the GMDN has been answered then quickly!

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