DISSECTING REGULATION (EU) 2023/607 – Compliance dates & Article 120

Do not jeopardize the NEW EXTENSION - You must act NOW!

Learn from the MDSS Experts

DateDecember 7, 2023  

Time: 5PM Central Europe / 11AM Eastern / 8AM West Coast
  • Review of extended timelines per device risk class
  • Ensuring NB Involvement i.e. surveillance Audits
  • Repeal of the sell-off period for legacy devices 
    • This does not apply to the IMPORTER! 
  • Defining qualifications for a valid EXTENSION based on expired certificates as per article 120
  • Appropriately using the additional time for compliance

  • What are the actions you must take today to guarantee that you remain on the market?
  • How you can prove towards third parties that the devices are covered by the Extension? 
  • In the UK additional requirements apply- what needs to be done?

Duration1 hour (with Q&A)

Let MDSS help you identify the requirements to use your resources wisely.

Offered via Zoom meeting